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Real estate litigation comes down to the credibility of one appraiser versus another. 


The difference between “winning” and “losing” is in the preparation. At Sterling DiSanto and Associates, we pride ourselves on the meticulous preparation we bring to every litigation case in which we are involved. We have worked with the best attorneys in this field and use our many years of expert witness and review appraiser experience to develop and implement successful strategies that will guide you through the most complex litigation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Here’s What We Can Do:

  • Review of opposition’s appraisal for weaknesses, improper application of valuation techniques, mathematical errors, errors in judgment, factual errors.

  • Preparation of an analysis in order to evaluate the case and provide scenarios for likely outcomes.

  • Recommend other professionals to be part of the litigation team, if needed, such as a planner, architect, engineer, environmental expert.

  • Determine which valuation approaches are most applicable and what other types of studies may be needed to support the case.

  • Participate in settlement strategies and negotiations.

  • Define reasonable outcomes of settlement negotiations and developing scenarios and strategies to achieve those outcomes.

  • Preparation of a thorough, credible, unbiased, “trial ready” report.

  • Preparation for testimony including preparation of exhibits, reports, rehearsal of testimony.

  • Assist your attorney in preparing cross examination of the opposition’s appraiser.


Examples of Litigation Valuation Assignments by Sterling DiSanto and Associates:


  • Condemnation

  • Tax Appeal

  • Partnership or corporate dissolution and disputes

  • Partial interest valuation

  • Estate disputes

  • Effect of zone changes on value

  • Market studies to determine impact on value of power lines, industrial uses, etc.

  • Effect of contamination on value

  • Breach of contract disputes

  • Matrimonial

  • Retrospective appraisals


We have the knowledge, training, experience and credentials as experts in real estate valuation. 

We have been qualified as experts in New Jersey Superior Court, NJ Tax Court, Boards of Taxation, Condemnation Commissions, as well as Planning and Zoning Boards.

Qualifying as an expert is only the first step in a litigation setting. We recognize that we are there to help the judge or jury reach a decision. As real estate valuation experts, we have the ability to synthesize facts, reach a conclusion and present it to the trier of fact in a clear, credible, unbiased way.

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